About us
About us


Triple-INs  target is the development and commercialization of its KEM technology in powerful 1D, 2D and 3D laser distance sensors and systems. For this Triple-IN transfers the technology of complex measurement systems such as 3D measuring systems in low-cost sensors for automation for indoor and outdoor applications. The use of the KEM method is combined with new ways in optics and array and scanning technology. The result is a KEM sensor program of PR, PS, PC, PAS and PAC sensors which will be constantly expanded.
The product and development program is aimed at OEM customers wishing to expand their product range by pulse TOF sensors. The offered possibilities reach from existing sensors via plug-in modules to complete custom designs.
The sensor program of Triple-IN is very complete, even though it concentrates and is based on pulse TOF measurement technology.
Triple-IN has an experienced team for the development and production of pulsed TOF sensors.
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