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Experts of 2D and 3D Pulse TOF Sensors
for outdoor automation tasks of System Integrators and OEM Partners

Triple-IN develops, manufactures and sells Laser Range Scanner based on the Pulse TOF measurement method.  We aim to convert expensive and accurate technology of Surveying Systems into affordable industrial sensors. This leads to a broad selection of laser scanners for automation, control and measurement for indoor and outdoor applications.
Our technology, the KEM method, allows cost effective solutions for our products and for custom specific solutions for System Integrators and OEM Partners.

Products About Triple-IN Applications
Pulse Sensor (PS), Pulse Array Camera (PAC) and Volume Measurement System (VMS) are only some of the successful Triple-IN products, always at the top of reliability and precision. Triple-INs target is the development and commercialization of its KEM technology in powerful 2D and 3D laser distance sensors and systems. For this Triple-IN transfers the technology of complex measurement systems... At Triple-IN, people with years of experience in laser distance measurement and outdoor applications constantly work to help partners and customers to give solutions to the automation challanges they face.
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