OEM Development
OEM Development

Development of customized sensors

Triple-IN offers the development of custom specific sensors for those customers, who want to complete their product range by pulsed TOF Sensors and yet do not have the design and development capacity within their organization. A typical KEM Sensor development will go through a sequence of appropriate development steps:
  • Transform the customer's application to fulfill their requirements along with a complete product specification
  • Evaluate the activities needed to develop the required KEM Sensor
  • Creation of a development plan and project quotation
  • Customer's decision on the project and create a development order and schedule
Due to cost reasons Triple-IN makes use of the PR and PS sensor program or of the corresponding OEM modules.
In this way, triple-IN is able to deliver beside their PR and PS sensor products and OEM versions or customized sensors for production at customer site.

Product support

Triple-IN develops in parallel to the KEM Sensors the necessary tools for assembly, adjusting, setting into function and testing and is therefore able to predict the production times in advance. Triple-IN will develop alongside the new KEM Sensors, the necessary tools for the: Assembly, Adjustment, Commissioning and Testing. Therefore we are able to predict the production times in advance for new custom specific sensor developments.
Extensive test equipment helps to verify the results of the series preparation of the KEM Sensor development products. For the production of KEM Sensors at the customer premises, Triple-IN develops and delivers all the necessary special tools and equipment.

Technical support

During the production phase at customer premises, Triple-IN helps with technical improvements and solutions for technical problems upon request.
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