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3D Pulse Laser Scanner System for volume and surface measurement
2D Scanner in use: PACxxx-90-y-zz

  • Combination of rotary table and 2D Scanner
  • Horizontal scan angle up to 340°
  • Long range up to 300 m
  • Small spot size and high lateral resolution
  • Fast scan rate
  • Very high accuracy in range and angle
  • Tough and robust housing - rate IP67
  • Operating with rain and snow
  • Multi-echo evaluation technology
  • Low power consumption
  • Real time Ethernet
  • 90° Polygon Scanner

3D Pulse Laser Scanner with 90° x 340° at a glance

Features PSC100-90 PSC150-90 PSC250-90 PSC300-90
2D Scanner in use PS100-90-y-zz PS150-90-y-zz PS250-90-y-zz PS300-90-y-zz
Vertical scan angle (°) ≤ 90
Number of scan lines 4 (optional 2 or 3)
Vertical alignment indicator Spirit level
Vertical scan speed 1 (°/ms) 40/80
90°x90° range image points 1,2 1 / 0.25 Mio
90°x90° Acquisition time (s) 1,2 50 to 12.5
Rotary table in use RT 1
Horizontal rotation range ≤ 340°; -170° to +170°
Horizontal resolution 0.011 degree - 0.2 mrad
Rotation Speed Mode
Fast (°/sec) 7.2
Normal (°/sec) 1.8
Fine (°/sec) 0.11
Power supply 24 Volt DC - 0.75 A
Interface 100 MBit/s Ethernet
Binary Command Interface
ASCII Command Interface
Rotary table housing Aluminum Die Cast Seawater resistant
International Protection Marking IP67
Operating temperature range -10°C to +50°C
Storage temperature range -30°C to +80°C
Weight < 10 kg
  • 1 first number: Normal Mode; second number: Fast Mode
  • 2 horizontal resolution = vertical resolution = 0.09°/0.18°
  • 3 horizontal rotational speed is selectable
  • Specifications are subject to change. All data without tolerances are typical values.


Optional internal blower
Optional rough external housing


Main applications of PSCXXX-90 3D Sensors

Applications PSC300-90 PSC250-90
PSC250-90 HT
PSC150-90 PSC100-90
PSC100-90 HT
Open Pit Mining X    
Quarry Rock Face X     
Volume Measurement X X    
Stock Pile Volume X X    
Coal Stockpiles Security X      
Wood Industry        
Timber yard   X   
Forest Land   X    
Wood pile   X X 
Crowd counting   X    
Vehicles in the car park      X
Park place cast   X    
Stack storage, Coil storage   X    
Hall measurement   X X  
Site survey X      
Site monitoring     X X
Collision avoidance   X X X
Plant measurement     X X
Harvest monitoring     X X
Construction Industries        
Site survey   X    
Progress monitoring        
Road construction   X X  
Pit measurement   X    
Building surveying   X X  
Tunnel surveying   X X X
Steel Industry        
Glowing lining   HT   HT
Slap stacks     X X
Cargo measurement   X    
Truck measurement   X    
Lock monitoring X X    
Ship repair   X X  
3D Site monitoring X X    
Building progress monitoring X X    
Facade measurement   X X  
Use of space optimization X X X  
Snow and Ice formations X X    
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